The Story Behind Cadence Accountants and Advisors

At Cadence Accountants and Advisors, we help businesses by providing well thought out plans and strategies to help our clients achieve their financial and personal goals.

New clients come to us because they want the proactive advice their previous accountant couldn’t provide. You don’t want to wait until your next tax return to understand your current financial position; you need to get advice on what you can do right now to grow your business.

To meet your need for proactive advice, we merged our two firms, O’Shaughnessy & Associates and Tiernan Parsons and created Cadence Accountants and Advisors In July 2017. By combining them we bring you the best attributes of both businesses.

We believe our industry is guilty of neglecting clients by not giving services that firms need. Just providing standard tax compliance and minimal business management advice is no longer good enough. Our firm now rectifies that situation with our 3 principal advisors, 12 Accountants, a dedicated financial planning team and 4 of the best administrators that the industry can provide.









We Treat Every Client As Part
Of Our Extended Family

When our client family succeed in achieving their goals and we’ve helped lift their burdens with a service they wouldn’t normally have had access to, it gives us great satisfaction.

Our team have in-depth knowledge of professional services businesses like estate agents, architects, builders, business consultants, medical practitioners and family groups. Our advisors like to really get involved with our clients’ businesses to help them achieve their goals. The three principals of the company are as follows:

We know that you expect our business to operate with complete honesty and integrity at all times. We are totally committed to your best interests and always operate that way.

We see you and the rest of our clients as part of our extended family and we always want to be your most trusted advisors who are able to provide you with progressive and tailored advice that works for you, your business and your financial and lifestyle goals.

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