Why Choose Cadence
Accountants And Advisors?

We use our expertise to guide our clients in developing a clear strategy for success. Our efficiency and forward – thinking attitude enables you to achieve your financial & lifestyle goals sooner.

Professional, Dedicated Team
Professional, Dedicated Team

We treat our clients like family members. Our accountants and advisors go above and beyond to provide support and guidance when you need it. We care about your business and results as much as you do.

Our mission is to help you achieve your business and lifestyle goals by providing value that extends way beyond producing numbers.

Implementing the Right<br>Technology
Implementing the Right

We help you run a more productive and streamlined business which can save you time and money. We will set you up with the latest business automation technology to ensure you run a more efficient and productive business.

Proactive and Progressive<br>Business Advisors
Proactive and Progressive
Business Advisors

Our team members are all progressive, forward thinking professionals. They’re always looking for ways to improve your cash flow and results while reducing your expenses. You won’t find a team more dedicated to your success than the team of qualified professionals from Cadence.

Cadence Accounting and
Advisors Providing Expert
Business Advice

A Proactive Solution for Businesses

Cadence Accountants and Advisors was originally formed when O’Shaughnessy & Associates and Tiernan Parsons realised that together their businesses could provide a full range of pragmatic and flexible services for their clients.

We believe that our clients want well thought out plans, business advice and strategies that are proactive and don’t want us to stick to only providing the more mundane accounting skills. Our clients want to know how they can improve their situation long before their next tax return is due!

By merging our two companies we provide the additional services businesses are searching for. By significantly increasing our manpower, we’ve widened our skill base and deepened our business knowledge with 4 principals, 11 accountants, a dedicated financial planner and 6 of the best administrators in the industry.

Our 4 principals have over 120 years of business experience between them. We continue to be forward thinking and are ready at the forefront of business technology to use the tools and ideas to help your business improve.

Cadence Services Go Beyond Accounting

Our clients demand proactive advice delivered with unparalleled expertise. We deliver!

Providing Proactive Business Advice

We will always ensure that we look beyond the balance sheet and offer advice that will help businessses become stronger both now and for the future.

Superannuation: Doesn’t Need To Be The End Of The Road

We understand that you often have big dreams for re-tire ment. We provide the advice that will help those dreams come true.

Financial & Estate Planning

There’s nothing worse than building a business and then losing it because you didn’t plan for the unthinkable: death or injury. We help by laying out your options now and going into the future.

Mortgage Broking & Lending

We help you to buy your home or business property using the most tax effecient way. if you need assistance with mortgages and loans we have connections to ensure you get the best deal you can.

Accounting and Taxation Compliance: Vital Services to Keep Your Business Operating

We recognize that compliance and accounting is probably not something you’re very excited about. However, we have people who understand the nuances of it and can make sure you are compliant and pay your taxes in the most efficient way.

Cloud Services: Helping Your Business Be More Effective

We provide Cloud accounting services, reducing our paper usage and ensuring you have easy access to our support wherever and whenever you need it. At the same time we help you build processes and systems to take advantage of developments in technology to make business better for everyone.

Our Certified Team Will Deliver The Highest
Quality Services For You

You can feel confident in working with a team of certified advisors and accountants who are qualified to deliver results for your business.

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